Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association

The space serves as both a place of business and a community center for the Aleut people



•Comprehensive Architectural Services
•Facility Programming
•Land Development Studies
•3D Computer Rendering/Modeling/Visualization
•Comprehensive ID Service
•Programming & Space Planning
•Interior Finish Specs & Coordination
•Furniture Layout, Specifications & Procurement
•Signage & Graphic Coordination
•Art Installation Selection and Coordination

Two main goals drove the design of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association: to provide large, flexible gathering/meeting spaces and to celebrate the Aleut culture. The client intentionally minimized private office space in order to create flexible public space that can be used by a variety of group sizes. Business departments are largely open plan, but private meeting areas were designed to conduct business confidentially.

Departments are tucked behind prominent public spaces displaying large banners of historic cultural photos. A two-story atrium on the main floor includes a water feature and unique tile patterns, symbolic of the region's shorelines and intricate basketry.

Exposed wood structures in the atrium stemmed from traditional semi-subterranean dwellings of the Aleut region. Adjoining conference spaces host meetings, conferences and cultural events and can spread to the atrium and outside deck. An art studio adjacent to the cultural heritage department is available for teaching traditional crafts.

Artifacts depicting Aleut heritage have been incorporated into the public areas of the building. The resulting design is a facility that exemplifies the most important values of the Aleut region and community, while still providing the necessary area for business activities.