Alaska Communications Flagship Store

The store developed a new culture of interaction in the retail experience



•Comprehensive Architectural Services
•3D Computer Rendering/Modeling/Visualization
•Comprehensive ID Services
•Programming & Space Planning
•Interior Finish Specs & Coordination
•Furniture Layout
•Signage & Graphic Coordination
•Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Alaska Communications Systems rebranded and challenged KPB Architects to develop a new retail image for the local communications company that would compete with the retail image of the national communication companies in the area. The design team started the design process by investigating the customer experience.

The design team worked with Alaska Communications to identify the changes that needed to be made to update the customer experience. KPB Architects identified how the representatives needed to interact with the customers and developed a new culture of the retail experience. The design team established that the Alaska Communications culture needed to change to complete the success of the new prototype design.

After KPB Architects received buy-in from the client, the design team created a concept that provided Alaska Communications a canvas for flexibility. Technology changes rapidly and their product displays needed to adapt.  The retail zone encompasses six tables organized by function of device.  The center of the store is reserved for featured products displayed on three tables designed in a circular format.

Walls in the retail zone house a puck system that can accept product display or graphics. The puck system accepts branding materials and product that can interchange in format and size.  The device tables were designed by KPB Architects to accept any piece of technology for display. The table tops include a rack track to accept any quantity of device mounts for endless flexibility.