pupil+paper Was a Success


"When a community comes together, a vision is realized"

While designing the future of Anchorage, we had a vision to bring our community together to help over 20,000 Anchorage children living in poverty.

Throughout 2013, KPB Architects was dedicated to creating pupil+paper, an event to raise funds for The Children's Lunchbox as well as sponsoring high school scholarships for higher education. The Children's Lunchbox provides food directly to elementary students, so that children living in poverty have nutritious food to eat.

Thank you to our friends and business partners for supporting our vision and making a difference for children in need.

Because of us all coming together, $40,000 was raised for The Children's Lunchbox.

To learn more about the success of our fundraiser "pupil + paper" please visit www.facebook.com/pupil.paper