Cook Inlet Housing Authority - Coronado Senior Housing

The location of the common community area encourages residents to interact with one another throughout their day



•Comprehensive Architectural Services
•Project Feasibility Analysis
•Facility Programming
•3D Computer Rendering/Modeling/Visualization
•Comprehensive ID Services
•Programming & Space Planning
•Interior Finish Specs & Coordination

The concept for this affordable senior housing facility is to emphasize the aspects of an internal community and the comforts of home while providing an efficient layout for the project that reduces the overall required square footage of the project. The building consists of a one-three story portion and a four story portion that is set back from Coronado Street in an effort to reduce the scale of the project relative to the single story homes across the street, breaking up the massing of the overall development.

A portion of the parking is located below the building in an enclosed garage with mechanical ventilation. The elevator extends from this level to the building above. Mechanical and electrical area in addition to resident storage spaces which include adjustable shelving and chain link enclosures are also at this lower level. Bike racks are provided at the far end of the garage for resident use.

A large common community area is located directly inside the main entry to the facility. This serves as the community living room, or main street in the community of residents and includes a gas fireplace and soft seating as a focal point. The location of this area allows the residents to participate in the day to day coming and going and encourages interaction. A community director’s office is situated to allow full visual supervision of the drop off area outside and the activities in the main street of the community.