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First National Bank Alaska


mixed use development in the u-med district



Client: Pfeffer Development

Architect: KPB Architects

Developer: Pfeffer Development

Contractor: Criterion General

Electrical Engineer: EIC Engineers

Mechanical Engineer: RSA Engineers

Civil Engineer: EBSC Engineers

Structural: Reid Middleton



First National Bank Alaska had a vision to be located in the U-MED district. They wanted to provide convenient access for people living and working in the area. During the planning and design phase, they determined that they needed to rebrand their prototypical. FNBA worked with KPB Architects to develop a new prototypical to be used throughout Alaska. The two story lobby faces south with floor to ceiling glass. The exposed glass internal staircase encourages communication between the departments. Light wood finishes and modern materials create a welcoming environment that is also timeless. KPB Architects designed the core and shell for the neighboring tenant, Imaging Associates. Both tenants have been a successful addition to the U-Med district.