Providence Physical Therapy

Materials were selected to create a sense of energy



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It was important to the doctors and staff that the space inspire patients to meet their appointments and guide them to the correct rooms for their treatment.  In the open gym, different colors and materials delineate different areas of therapy and suspended screens provide privacy for patients.  Exam rooms are created by using a flexible modular architectural system.  Translucent glass is installed at the top of each exam room to allow natural daylight to filter into the center of the open gym.  The therapy pool, featuring underwater treadmills, is separated from the open gym by a wall of glass to allow the staff to monitor the pool area. 

The physical therapy program includes specifically designed spaces for neurological rehabilitation including assisted living, training and speech therapy rooms separated acoustically from the rest of the facility.

Orthopedic therapy is served in several ways by a staff of 24 trainers with the use of individual training and therapy rooms, to open areas with a dedicated walking track and circuit training with mechanized aerobics as well as individual workout areas.